Introducing MailChimp for iSportsTix

We are excited to introduce you to our newest feature: MailChimp for iSportsTix, the perfect way to keep your MailChimp marketing lists up-to-date right from your iSportsTix sales management portal. Forget about the hours you’ve spent exporting and importing your marketing lists … now your Ticket Reps have the power to keep the email interests of their accounts and prospects updated at a moments notice.

iSportsTix 3.19 officially launches the first week of June … here are a few more features that are included:

  • MailChimp Integration
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • New Client Type: Contacts
  • Expanded Lead/Prospect Importer
  • Enhancements to Order, Transactions, and Balance Sheet reports

… and we’ll get right back after it over the summer! Look for future iSportsTix features like automated sales flow, VOIP phone integration and several sponsorship module enhancements.