Turn Your Groups Into Super Events!

Are your group outings SUPER?

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, the Superest of Supers. Yes, the NFL is popular in its own right but the Super Bowl is a worldwide event which mesmerizes people — most of whom don’t even like football! It is an event that takes over a city for days with concerts, fan fests and media frenzy — all prior to any kickoff! The event itself is so colossal that it creates ancillary events around the world (just don’t call it a Super Bowl Party).

I was in Phoenix this past Thursday and Friday for business prior to my annual ‘guys weekend’ in Vegas for the Super Bowl. Phoenix was buzzing with events and you know Vegas is always in a frenzy during Super Bowl weekend. Most of the “event” that is the Super Bowl has nothing to do with first downs, completion percentage or the final score for that matter.

We have the ability to take this over-the-top mindset and apply it to our own group ticket sales. It is this mindset that will turn your 35-50 person group into a 200 person group outing! To accomplish this we must think of what we can use outside of the game itself to add value to these group outings.

Selling your assets is a common sales tactic, and a good one, but I believe we can take it a step further.

Example 1: The National Anthem

Along with performing the anthem try to mix in another performance during a stoppage at the game allowing to feel like a larger part of the night. Then setup a process to provide a DVD or email a digital movie of the performance to everyone. They will have a lifelong memory of singing in front of thousands of people which they can then show to their friends who will want to participate in the next anthem group!

Authors note/plea: Don’t comp tickets for your anthem! I promise you can find choirs and bands that will want to stay and watch the game after having the chance to perform. I have worked with large choirs where some students (and parents) did not feel they should have to pay to participate with the singing. We said no problem we will just escort you out after the anthem is over because the ticket is to stay and watch our game. An overwhelming majority of the choir and parents chose to purchase tickets and stay for the entire event.

Example 2: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Scout troops are a very common group to target for an outing. Be sure to think outside of the game on what can be done to make it a lasting and memorable event. Create a scout patch for the outing … or take it a step further and look at having a tier of patches with a higher ranking patch awarded for the scout that sells the most tickets and raises more money for their pack. Include a camp-out so that the scout can sleep over after the game or award a concourse or exit table to a pack so that they can sell cookies to fans or showcase a project they have accomplished over the past year.

These are just a few common examples of enhancing a typical asset and group. The key is for you to apply this mindset to each and every group you work with … so ask yourself:

  • What add-ons can you create to make it more than a just a group?
  • What can be done outside of the game itself to create a lasting memory?

Creating that SUPER buzz will allow your groups to become super events which grow and grow over the years.