Don’t Let Sales Goals Make You Stupid!

100 New FSE’s, $1.5 million in revenue, 1,000 group tickets per game, 80% renewal rate — whatever your sales goals are, do you know what it takes to reach them? We put so much focus on what our sales goals are, that I think we are losing sight of the process it takes to attain the goals.

I don’t think I have ever heard a professional football coach say their goal is to score 35 points this week.

Coaches don’t say, “What did we do at practice? Well I wrote 35 points on the white board and said that is our goal, let’s go out and score some touchdowns this week!”

OK, thanks coach.

That is not how it usually goes, so why do we take this approach in the front office?

Don’t let sales goals pull your focus away from what it takes to reach those goals.

Coaches get results through research, breaking down Xs and Os and giving players a gameplan that will help them succeed.

In the front office, we should be doing the same. Rather than just writing sales goals on a white board and expecting our staff to attain those goals, we should be putting in the time and effort to practice the process of reaching our goals. We need to review and teach what it takes to sell 100 new FSE’s.

Do you work with your staff to make sure they have enough qualified leads? Are they getting to the red-zone but not scoring? Maybe a weekly sales meeting on closing and analyzing the objections from hot leads.

Don’t let sales goals pull your focus away from what it takes to reach those goals. Be sure practice the steps it takes to attain your goals, rather than letting your weekly sales meetings be reduced to just writing numbers on a board.

Most of all: Don’t Let Sales Goals Make You Stupid!

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  1. Josh Huber
    Josh Huber says:

    Thank you Scott! The shared goal can be achieved through individual paths within sales. What works for some is not true for all.

    • Scott Frasnelly
      Scott Frasnelly says:

      Thanks for reading Josh!

      Agreed, a team is made up of individuals. Some have different strengths than others. The key is to have a game plan which includes the fundamentals and the strengths of your team!

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